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Central Heating Cleaning & Plumbing
"Deep-Clean" your heating system

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Central Heating Cleaning & Plumbing




 ’Deep-Clean' your Heating System


Most faults in the central heating system are caused by the build-up of rust, sludge and scale deposits.

A Power-flush is the process where the central heating systems cleaned, using powerful flushing machines, magnetic filters and chemical agents. Chemicals are added 2 weeks prior to the Power-flush to loosen the rust and debris. Water is then pumped through the system at high velocity, dislodging and moving the sludge out. The specialist magnetic filters collect & remove the iron filings, and this process is repeated until the system is clean.  


Heating Problems?

  • Cold spots in radiators?
  • Blocked pipes?
  • Banging noises coming from the boiler?
  • Noisy pipes?
  • Radiator leaks?
  • Regular venting of radiators/bleeding?
  • Long warm up period?
  • Boiler and system noise?


  • More efficient system and radiators
  • Up to 25% saving on fuel bills
  • Better circulation
  • Faster heat up
  • Immediate results
  • Quieter system
  • Improve system performance
  • Cleans the whole central heating system including any under floor pipe work
  • Power-flushing and de-scaling in one visit



** Free Boiler service / Landlords Gas Safety certificate with every Power-flush



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Email:  info@centralheatingcleaning.co.uk

    Tel:  07762 563143 / 01733 578439


** Free boiler service / Landlords certificate valid for 1 appliance only



   Engineers are fully qualified and Gas Safe registered. Over 15yrs experience in plumbing & Heating.

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